Krytox 240AZ Aerospace & Aviation Grease


Krytox 240AZ grease is based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oils. These synthetic fluorinated lubricants are used in extreme conditions such as continuous high temperatures up to 300 °C (572 °F) and higher temperatures for shorter periods, depending on product grade limits. Chemically inert and safe for use around hazardous chemicals, these lubricants are nonflammable and are safe for use in oxygen service. Krytox oils and greases are silicone free and do not damage plastics or elastomers or cause corrosion to metals. They are commonly used as lubricants in aerospace, automotive, industrial and semiconductor applications as well as solving many other routine lubrication problems. Krytox greases are the original products that this military specification was written for and have been certified continuously since the specification was originally written. This is the latest data from the re-certification that is required every five years. Krytox greases are standard as NLGI Grade 2 penetration. If the 240 AZ is ordered to meet MIL-SPEC requirements, it must be ordered as NLGI Grade 1 to meet the specification.


Application Aerospace, Aviation, Bearings, Seals, Valves, O-Rings, Threads, Oxygen Devices
Base Formulation Perfluoropolyether
Additives None
Thickener Polytetrafluoroethelyne
Specification Met ASTM D445; ASTM D2595; ASTM D97; ASTM D217; ASTM D942; ASTM D2512; ASTM D6184; MIL PRF-27617; NSF H-1
Flammable (Y/N) N
Food Grade NSF H-1 RATED
Temperature Range °F -57°C to 149°C
Viscosity @ 100°C 4.2 cSt
Viscosity @ 40°C 24.7 cSt
Oxygen Safe (Y/N) Y
UOM Each
Part Number LAS240AZ, LKJ240AZ, LP240AZ, LET240AZ ,LCT240AZ,
Lead Time NONE

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